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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Things to Make with Drop Cloths

A canvas drop cloth is actually a fabulous craft supply. Look at all the way you can use it. Some, you don't even need to sew!

There's something about the natural and neutral look of drop cloth canvas that has attracted crafters and designers for the last few years.  I've been working with it for my next Craftaholics Anonymous post this month so it's been on my mind and I thought I'd pull up some more inspiration for you. 

by Pitter and Glink

by Crafting in the Rain

by It All Started With Paint

by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

by Katie's Rose Cottage

by Pretty Handy Girl

by Shabby Love

by CountryLiving

by Twigg Studios

by The Little Brown House
Glitter Bottomed Bag
by Crafting in the Rain

by Craftberry Bush

by Shine Your Light

by Shanty 2 Chic

by Crafting in the Rain

by Lovely Crafty Home

by Condo Blues

by Days of Chalk and Chocolate

by Nashville Pug

by Little Blue Chairs

by Delicate Construction

by Plaid Online

by Little Place Called Home Sweet Home

by Shanty 2 Chic

by Lowe's Creative Ideas

by Anything Pretty

by Ink Blots & Polka Dots

by Creative Outlets of a Thrifty Minded Momma

Glitter Blocks for Spring
by Crafting in the Rain

by Lovely Crafty Home

by French Country Cottage

by Jennifer's Mentionables

by Today's Creative Blog

Which was your favorite?  Do you have a drop cloth project I can add to the list?

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  1. Loved the links in this post. Can't wait to try some of them for my own me. I enjoy your blog very much. Keep up the interesting posts.
    Yancy W.

  2. There is some flipping awesome stuff in here.

  3. What a great roundup! Some cool projects that I'd never seen before. I love drop cloths. I might have to do a couple of these myself :)

  4. Where does one find this fabric drop cloths? All my stores seem to have is plastic! I want to make myself a tote!!

    1. Yep, Jan is right--I've found them right next to the clear plastic ones.

  5. Abby, I know for sure Lowe's has them in the paint dept., so most home building stores should have them.

  6. Great collection of ideas, Steph!

    Thanks for linking up,
    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  7. Love this collection! I'm overwhelmed with which one to try first. I recently became a drop cloth covert with this project: http://www.acasarella.net/2013/06/old-school-pinning.html


  8. I made an indoor hopscotch mat with one. Turned out really cute.

  9. The link to the little rose satchelis broken ?

    1. You're right...looks like that website is gone now.

  10. Loved the house flag, the headboard with nailheads, and the double ruffled curtains. So clever and inexpensive to make!

  11. I am inspired. Especially about making curtains from the drop cloths. The isda wheels are spinning like crazy. Thank you for the ideas.

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