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Friday, September 27, 2013

Have We Been Lied to About Bloglovin?

Is Bloglovin really helping bloggers, or just themselves?  I'm asking this honestly...as I don't really know.  Do you?  

Remember back in July when Google Reader quit and we were all forced to find another way to follow the blogs we love to read?  I made the jump to Bloglovin, like so many others, but I don't believe it's the best fit.  

One thing I liked was that everyone kept saying "When you read through Bloglovin, the page views still count for the actual blog."  Did you guys all read this too?  Why is it then that as I click through to older posts in my list, the url at the top of my page still says "bloglovin.com....."?  Does the blog I'm actually reading get a view or not?

Also, there's that handy Pin feature, right from the Bloglovin toolbar.  Did you know that when you Pin from Bloglovin, the source is attributed to Bloglovin, and not the original blog??

Check it out:

If I have misspoken, or if you know something that changes any of what I've said here, please let me know!  But I think I want to find a different way to follow blogs.

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  1. So I was curious about this. I've been with feedly since the change and I've been pretty happy with them. I don't think my pageviews count, but they never counted with Google either so I want disappointed. However I tried to pin an image from my feedly reader (actually I pinned your image) and then went to pinterest to see what it chief and it was your blog. Sorry I don't have any other info for you about bloglovin... it never felt right to me.

  2. I'm not a blogger...but I read tons of blogs and it drove me crazy when blogs would open with bloglovin in the address bar! BUT, there is a way to change that! Hover over your profile picture and go to Settings. Scroll down to Other and click on "I don't want the frame". That way, the blogs open into the actual blog...Otherwise you get the Bloglovin' frame (and they say: this will enable you to use next and like while you are reading a post).
    It's nice that you can change it, but the downside to this is that unless each user clicks that they don't want the frame, it opens up in blog lovin'. Hope this helps!

  3. I personally don't love Bloglovin'. I miss google reader. I get emails with posts every day, but a lot of them are duplicate posts, and very rarely do I click over from the email on my phone. Anymore, I mostly follow blogs on FB, and click over from there. The only problem is, FB doesn't show you everything. I wish there was a better way to follow. I don't know why they had to take away google reader from us, I just think they are trying to force people into using G+. :)

  4. I actually really like bloglovin. I love to scroll through my email and click over to the posts I want to view or pin. I turned off my frame, so my views actually go to the source, but I wonder how many of my readers have made that switch. Are their views of my site counting? Hmm. I had the same concerns you have, but once I got rid of the frame, I forgot about them! I may just have to look into it more!

  5. I use bloglovin'. I really loved it at first, but now I'm on the fence. It's okay for helping me to keep up with other blogs, but it really doesn't help increase readership. I wish that when you decided to "friend" someone, that you automatically followed their blog(s), instead of having to make the extra click to follow. It's not helpful to have a ton of friends, and only a handful of them follow my blog. They are also starting to add in sponsored posts every now and then. I have been able to find new blogs that way, but I worry they'll increase the advertising.

  6. I didn't know those things about bloglovin,

  7. Yeah...Bloglovin' has definitely gotten a bit shady with their antics. I'm seriously thinking of going elsewhere. I just realised my pins from Bloglovin' takes everyone that clicks on them to the Bloglovin' site and not the original blog -- not cool. I also despise the new frame at the top of the site window. It's too big and interferes with my reading. It's such a huge distraction. And what happened to just following blogs you like? It's so confusing now...I have "friends" but they aren't blog followers...surely if people want to friend you, they like your blog. Why is this now separate? So glad I'm not alone in my thoughts here lol.