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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cute Felt Spiders

I'm kind of in love with these cute little spiders I made last week.  (The only time you'll hear me say "love" and "spiders" in the same sentence)  They even have sparkly eyes!

Felt Spider Pattern by Crafting in the Rain

I made them specifically for a game that I'm sharing on Brassy Apple this Friday, so be sure to watch for that.
(Here's the link)

Colored felt
Colored twine (or yarn or other string)
Hot glue
Rhinestones or googly eyes (optional)

For each spider, cut 2 circles of felt about 3/4 inch in diameter and 4 pieces of twine about 2 inches long.

Felt and Twine

Lay the strings across the center of one felt circle, put a bit of hot glue on the other circle and sandwich them together.

Making a felt Spider

I was looking for some tiny googly eyes I had, but found this sample bag of heat set rhinestones instead!  I attached them to the spiders and I love the bit o' bling.  They're just as cute without them though.
Green Felt Spider by Crafting in the Rain

Like I said, I made these for a game that you'll see later--but what would you use these little guys for?

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Those spiders are adorable. They would make a great kids craft.

  2. Those little spiders are adorable.

  3. How cute are those?? I love them! And so simple for the kids to do themselves.