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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful Wall Art

{An easy Thanksgiving decoration you can leave up all year long}

This pretty wall art made from a cabinet door is actually something I made last year.  I just kept forgetting to write it up (and my fellow bloggers will back me up on this--often the picture taking/editing/post writing/etc takes way longer than actually doing the project in the first place) And I don't even have pictures of the whole process of this one!

 Anyway, this is a cabinet door I picked up from the "as-is" section at Ikea for a couple of dollars.  It wasn't quite as dark as I wanted so I added a coat of brown paint.

Next I used turquoise blue, mustard yellow and a dark red to paint random spots on the board.  When that was all dry I put down vinyl letters "Today I will be Thankful" and a small leaf and swirl.  

The next step was to spread small amounts of Vaseline on the corners, edges and some places across the middle of the board, being sure to put some on all of the colors (these were all the places that I wanted the top coat of white to rub off and reveal the colors underneath)

Finally, I painted white over everything.  When that was dry, I peeled up the vinyl, and used paper towels to rub off all the Vaseline spots.  It makes the top coat come off very "chippy" instead of trying to sand the white paint.

I love how it looks hanging over our piano, and the reminder to always be thankful.

For a fun kids activity to help them be more thankful, see my idea on Brassy Apple today!

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  1. I really love your sign - the distressed finish is so pretty. I'm doing a Christmas pallet sign today and I think I might just give your Vaseline technique a try! Saw you on I heart Naptime features!

  2. This sign is beautiful! Love the distressed finish!

    Emily@ elizabethjoandesigns.com

  3. Steph I simply love this project! I gave it a shout out so hopefully more people will stop by and see it!



  4. I simply love it. It is really gorgeous. And I guess this is an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your wall. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

  5. This sign is awesome....what font did you use for the letters.