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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bamboo Art

{With a subtle attempt at a Chinese New Year craft I made a piece of bamboo art that can be displayed year round}
Bamboo Art | Crafting in the Rain

I kind of love how simple and pretty this turned out.  Want one for your house too? Let's get started.

You'll need:
bamboo sticks (I found mine at Craft Warehouse) 
thin canvas board (8x10 inches)
gray felt
pom pom trim
glue gun
black paint and brush

Start by painting the canvas black.  This way it doesn't really show up behind the bamboo, it kind of blends into the shadows.
Black Canvas | Crafting in the Rain

While that's drying, cut up the bamboo sticks into about 8.5 inch pieces.  You can see that mine don't line up exactly, and I like it that way.  I needed 27 pieces to completely cover the canvas board, which required 5 sticks of bamboo.  I cut the bamboo with branch trimmers, and it worked great.

Glue the bamboo pieces onto the canvas.  I set mine out on the table first and secured them will clear tape which made it easier to keep them in place while gluing.

Cut a heart shape from the felt and glue the pompom trim to the back side, all the way around.  
Gray Felt Heart with Pom Poms | Crafting in the Rain

Glue the heart to the bottom corner of the bamboo. **Sometimes hot glue can travel through felt, or make a big ugly spot show up.  To eliminate this, just put little drops of glue near the pom poms on the back side. Since the felt is very light it doesn't need a lot**

Gray Felt Heart with Pom Poms | Crafting in the Rain

I just have mine propped up, but you could glue some kind of hanger to the back and put it on the wall instead.

Bamboo Stick Art | Crafting in the Rain

Do you currently have any bamboo in your house?  What about any great ways to celebrate Chinese New Year?

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  1. This is darling Steph! What a cute piece of artwork to display all year round!

  2. Super cute and creative! The bamboo sticks are an awesome idea!

  3. We don't have any bamboo, but I love the look of it. =0)

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