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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Fake Fancy Lettering

{An easy way to get the look of fancy handwriting}

Handlettering is gaining popularity again these days.  Kind of makes me wish I'd kept up on the calligraphy kit I got as a teenager :)  But I didn't.  And while I actually do kind of like my own handwriting, it isn't fancy.

Fake Fancy Lettering | Crafting in the Rain

While there are millions of cool fonts out there that you can just print out, I recently made some place cards where I wanted gold letters.  That doesn't really come out of a printer so well.  So I found a font that I liked (this one is Alex Brush) and typed all the names I needed. I changed the color to a very light yellow and printed them out. Then I could trace over them with my gold Sharpie.

**My extra tip is to turn the paper upside down when you're tracing with the marker.  This way you have to concentrate harder on the pattern of the printed letters, and are less likely to have your own natural handwriting take over**

Here they are finished.  

Gold Lettered Placecards | Crafting in the Rain

I layered some vintage fabric I got from Craft Interrupted

These would be super cute with reds and pinks for Valentine's Day too.  Do you like your handwriting, or do you want to give this method a try?

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  1. Someone told me the font idea last year when I was trying to do a chalkboard thing for Lucy's birthday, it's a great idea. I love the idea of turning them upside down too because I did have the problem trying to stop my own writing from breaking through