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Friday, February 21, 2014

Paint Stamped Placemat

A few months ago I was sent some SoSoft fabric paint to try out from DecoArt.  

So I created at small triangle stamp and created a pattern on this pretty blue placemat. You can buy solid colored placemats, or make your own buy cutting colored tea towels in half and hemming the cut edges. 

My stamp is a triangle cut from craft foam (I stacked two layers) and then attached it to a clear acrylic stamp block using two glue dots.

Run a strip of tape down the side of the placemat to create a straight line to follow.  The clear block made it easy to line up the points of my stamp.  I even did two layers of paint since the white didn't show up very well with just one layer, and I could easily see where the first stamp went down.

Repeat on the other side of the placemat and allow to dry. Customized and easy!  What would you stamp on yours?

For more ways to use the SoSoft paint, see their project gallery.

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