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Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Tips for an Awesome Crepe Bar

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{Easy Crepes Recipe for breakfast, brunch or anytime}

Easy Crepe Bar ||  Recipe and tips for a delicious crepe party www.craftingintherain.com

Crepes are fun because they seem so fancy, but they're really so easy! Never made them before? I promise you can. Do just a bit of extra set up and you can have a whole crepe bar that will really take your breakfast or brunch to the next level.

I discovered 5 ways to make your crepe bar extra easy, and extra awesome so I'm sharing them with you here.

1--Choose a Reason. Think Mother's Day, Graduation, Birthday, or just Sunday! I believe even regular days can have "fancy" thrown in for no reason.

2--Make the Batter Ahead of Time. Here's the recipe I used, and you can even make them a day before.

Easy Crepes ||  Crafting in the Rain

Crepes (adapted from Alton Brown)
Makes about 20 crepes
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1 cup water
4 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tabplespoon vanilla
1 cup flour

Put all ingredients, EXCEPT flour, into a blender and blend for about 20 seconds. Add flour and blend another 10 seconds, or until all flour is incorporated and mixture is smooth. 

Refrigerate batter overnight, or at least 1 hour.

Easy Crepe Tips ||  Crafting in the Rain

Heat 10 inch non-stick skillet on med-hi heat. Brush with melted butter and pour 1/4 cup of batter on the pan, tilting around until the bottom of the pan is coated. Cook for one minute, or until a spatula easily slides under the crepe without sticking. Flip and cook on the other side for about 30 seconds, or until browned like the first side.

Easy Crepes  ||  Crafting in the Rain

Remove and set on a paper towel. Repeat until all crepes are cooked (you can serve them immediately, still warm, or serve them cool.)

3--Have a Variety of Toppings. Really the sky's the limit here. If it tastes good, it will taste good in a crepe. But there's no need to go overboard either. A few fruits, a sweetener or two, and something crunchy will give lots of combinations.

Easy Crepe Bar ||  Crafting in the Rain  **See recipe, tips and ideas for a fancy crepe party

Topping suggestions:
Strawberries (cut and mixed with a sprinkle of sugar)
Banana slices
Peanut butter
Chopped, toasted pecans
Whipped cream

4--Make Toppings Easy to Serve. I made sure everything was already cut up or chopped and placed in its own dish. Even the Nutella and whipped cream got their own bowls so that we didn't have to worry about messy containers (or Nutella getting all over the knife handle!) And notice that little wooden bowl holding the pecans? My husband made it! Not necessary of course, but it sure made a fun addition to our table.

5--Easy Clean Up with Wet-Nap. All that sweet and fruity goodness is bound to end up on cheeks and chins, but there's no need to stress. Print out this coupon for 55¢ off any Wet-Nap package and grab some while you're at Walmart getting all your other low-price ingredients for your crepes. (While supplies last.) Even kids can be in charge of their own clean up that way!

Easy Crepes ||  Crafting in the Rain

And since kids can be awfully creative when it comes to making messes, Wet-Nap is running a contest to find the "Most Original Mess." Participants can upload a photo entry of their messy kids and share the link across social media. Tho photo with the most votes wins a $1,000 gift card to Walmart and a year's supply of product. Voting will close on June 16, 2014. You can see more at http://contest.wetnap.com/ 

You just might finally be able to laugh about the cocoa powder in the carpet or honey in their hair. 

What special event coming up could you celebrate with crepes and Wet-Nap?

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  1. Lovely looking crepes Stephanie. I might just have to try this one. I really am terrible at doing any kind of cooking but this one sure looks easy. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I LOVE crepes! Pinning so that I can make some for our weekend breakfast! And I needed that coupon for Wet Naps! Mr. B does..um...enjoy his food lol!

  3. Love the crepe bar! And having something easy to wipe up messy hands and faces is always welcome.

  4. I love crepes. I am going to have to pin this so we can try them at home... thank you for the recipe and the coupon for the naps - will definitely need them in our travels this summer...

  5. I have never made crepes before.. I really should try to make them.

  6. I never knew that crepes were so easy to make. I will have to try these!

  7. My hubby likes to make crepes but we've never done a bar with all the toppings... what a great idea!

  8. Sold! I'm gonna give the crepes a try and surprise my daughter (she loves them). =0)
    Thanks for the tips, Stephanie.