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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easy Glitter Notebook

In just a couple of weeks I'm heading to SNAP in Utah--a blog conference for creative bloggers. So I've been working on getting a few things ready (like an outfit for the 80's prom party and little gifts for my secret sister) It's seriously going to be so much fun.
(Want a little sneak peek?)

80s Dress Refashion

Aside from the vacation aspect of it, I'll also be learning about actual blogging. Ways to make things easier for me, and better for you as my readers.

Glitter Vinyl Notebook || Crafting in the Rain

Since there's no way I'd remember it all without taking notes, and a plain notebook is just begging for something cool on it, I cut out some vinyl.

Then I "painted" over the vinyl (using a toothpick) with some glitter paint so now it sparkles!

Paint Glitter on Cut Vinyl || Crafting in the Rain

Much better, don't you think? 

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