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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Neon Mobile for Under $5

{Dollar Store craft with Hawaiian Leis}

Time for another group post with some of my blogger friends. This month we decided to do $5 crafts, so each of the projects featured will cost you $5 or less. Of course that meant a trip to the dollar store! Today we're making a neon mobile from dollar store Hawaiian leis.

You'll need:
2 leis....$2
Embroidery hoop inner ring...$2-3 dollars (also, use a coupon or check thrift stores)
Hot glue and yarn...on hand

Do this step so that the lei doesn't fall apart as you cut it! Separate two flowers and put a drop of hot glue at the base of each flower. When the glue cools you can cut the string between. Repeat to cut each lei into 4 pieces.

Glue one color around the hoop at 4 points. Then add the other color in the spaces left.

Tie two pieces of yarn so they cross in the middle of the hoop. Then tie another piece right in the middle so you can hang it.

Then you can hang it from the ceiling for a cute party decoration or great addition to a neon nursery.

Now hop on over to see what everyone else did with $5.

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  1. I have no crafting abilities whatsoever, but these step-by-step instructions make it seem so simple. I can't wait to try this (and the others) with my kids during the rest of Summer!

  2. This is really cute. I'm with Kristen and I have no crafty bones in my body - but I like this!

  3. I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to do this with me! It also takes me way back to a friend's birthday party where we got rainbow leis in the fifth grade. Now I feel old...and young...

  4. How Cute! What a great decoration idea for a summer party!

  5. I like the color combinations.

  6. SO pretty! Love the idea. Thanks for sharing. xx

  7. What a great idea for a summer BBQ! These would look so cute hanging from the ceiling of my covered porch!

  8. This is really cute! Genius to use the glue so the leis don't fall apart.

  9. love it! And where were you with this a couple months ago when I planned a luau party for my daughter's 5th grade graduation?? Huh! ;)

  10. I love this! I want to make one for my porch!

  11. I love this Stephanie! This would be a super cute chandelier decoration for a luau too!

  12. Perfect for a luau. Quick Easy Inexpensive

  13. This is super cute, Steph! This would be awesome party decor, too!

  14. How simple and fun! These would be so cute and different for party decor. ...and the color combos!! :):)

  15. I love the color of this, it's so cute and fun!