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Friday, October 24, 2014

Cozy Fall Fashion

The rain has come back and temperatures are dropping. In fact, I just turned on the heaters for the first time yesterday. If hot chocolate, soup and cozy blankets don't get you excited for the new season, then these fall fashion ideas are sure to. 

And I have to say that I love the idea of blanket scarves - it's now fashionable to leave the house wrapped up in a blanket! See some of my favorites here - there a over a dozen pattern options, and they're $12 or less, plus Amazon Prime!! (my affiliate link - doesn't change your cost but sends a few cents my way to keep the blog up and runnin'!)
Shop blanket scarves.

                             source 1 / source 2 / source 3 / source 4

I can't decide what I like most about these looks. For starters, I'm always a huge fan of tall brown boots. And I need to get some like these with flatter heels! I like the height of my current boots, but my feet hurt by the end of the day.

Then there are the puffy vests that have been making a comeback. And the surprise element for me is the Aztec sweater! I don't love the pattern on leggings, but that sweater in the bottom picture is totally working for me! I'll have to keep my eye out. 

What fall trends are you loving this year?

Want to do some shopping? Check out the following (affiliate) links to get started!

Click here --> for another fall fashion post to check out.

And a whole bunch of Aztec sweater outfits.
Fall Fashion for Thanksgiving. (see even more like this)

EDIT **  Hey guys, so sorry that link for the first outfit doesn't work any more!!  I won't take it down because the picture is still great inspiration. But I tried to find a few items that are similar.

Striped shirt

Orange scarf

Orange puff vest
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  1. I love your style. I want to add all of these to my Pinterest Closet. xoxo

  2. can you tell me where these clothes are from? especially the red/pink plaid top!

    1. Click where it says "source 1/ source 2" etc under the picture. There you'll find the style board which should tell you where they're from!

    2. When I click the sources they won't load...

    3. Hmm, looks like the site where I found the first outfit is now dead. But the other 3 still work! Sorry they took it down!

  3. Can you tell us where the scarf and shirt in the first picture are from since the link won't work?

    1. Sorry that first source is gone! I've updated the post with a couple of links to similar products so I hope that helps.