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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Sand Ornament {Craft Lightning}

{Glass bulb ornament with sand}

I love ornaments that tell a story, don't you! This one will remind me of our Maui trip we took this year. Before we left on the last day, I scooped up some beach sand to bring home. I actually put it in a large Tic Tac container (that I then taped shut so it wouldn't spill in my bags) and it worked perfectly!

Anyway, if you don't have beach sand from a special trip laying around, keep this in mind for your next vacation. 

Pick up a clear ball ornament from the craft store, cut out vinyl with your location and date and apply it to the ornament. 

Then put the ornament in a little bowl to hold it up while you pour sand in using a funnel.

Secure the top on with a bit of hot glue and add a hook or ribbon to hang.

Now I get to pull out a bit of the beach every Christmas. And here's our personalized Disney ornament from a few years ago.

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