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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maids a Milking Gift

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{Gift for Maids a Milking}

Everyone's looking for cute and easy gift ideas this time of year. There's the neighbors, teachers, friends....you know how it goes. But we've got you covered with great gift ideas right here.

I cut out some cute little milk cartons and decorated them.

You'll need:
Light blue cardstock
White cardstock
Black vinyl
Adhesive tape
Treats to fill it (Milky Way, Malted Milk Balls or Hot Chocolate (Milk) Mix--lots of options!)

I used the milk carton file from Cricut Design Space as well as the milk can. The font is Holiday Cake.

Size the box to be 6.5 inches tall and cut both halves from blue cardstock. If you have the scoring tool for the Cricut Explore you can have it mark the lines giving you a really crisp fold.  Size the milk can and words to fit on one side of the box and cut those from white cardstock and black vinyl.

Glue down the milk can first then add the vinyl. Finally fold the lines and glue the box together and fold the bottom tabs in. Fill with treats and glue the top closed. 

Cricut Explore Bundles

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  1. So cute!! I love the milk carton box. Great idea :)

  2. These are just adorbs! I love the clever use of milky ways. :)

  3. These are totally cute! I love how you cleverly used one of the 12 Days. :)

  4. So cute and how very clever! I never would have thought of this! Happy Holidays!

  5. These are so cute! And I've been voting for you in the Cricut contest!