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Friday, December 12, 2014

Ballet Soap Gift

{Ballerina Soap}

Last month I posted over at The Crafting Chicks when they did their fun 12 Days of Christmas gift series.

Of course with my ballerina daughter I had to pick the "9 ladies dancing" for my theme. I wanted to make something fun for her to give to her ballet teacher. Here's how I turned a regular soap dispenser into a cute ballerina.

You'll need:
A bottle of hand soap (I chose foaming to minimize soap drips and I liked the color)
Vinyl ballerina cut out
Glue gun

Start by measuring the soap pump and determining the right size for the ballerina. I cut mine 2.5 inches tall.

Apply vinyl to the soap bottle.

To make the tutu, cut a strip of tulle that's long enough to wrap around the bottle at least 2 times, and 4 inches wide. Fold the tulle in half and hand stitch along the fold. Then pull the string to ruffle the tulle.

Starting on the back side of the pump use hot glue to attach the tutu. When you reach the back again, trim any excess and use a bit of glue to connect the ends.

And there you have it. A lovely lady dancing and a perfect gift for any dance teacher. Do you have any dancers in your life? We'll be delivering this to our dance teacher next week, and Meagan is so excited to give it to her :)

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