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Monday, December 15, 2014

Lace Merry Banner

{Lace Christmas Banner}

Last month I posted over on Tatertots and Jello during her fabulous holiday series. Combining the simple neutrals of lace, chipboard and glitter you'll have a cut Christmas banner.

 Here's what you'll need:
  • Lace (I found a cheap lace tablecloth at the thrift store and have used it for several projects)
  • Chipboard circles 
  • White letter stickers or white vinyl to cut your own
  • Twine
  • Gold glitter 
  • Liquid glue
  • Hot glue
Measure the circumference (edge) of your cardboard circles. Mine were 11 inches around. Multiply that by 3 and cut 5 strips of lace that are 2.5 inches wide and your length (so about 30 for mine.)

If you want to glitter the edges of the circles, spread a bit of liquid glue and roll in glitter. Let dry. 

Glue lace to the back edge of each chipboard circle, pinching to ruffle as you go. Be careful of the hot glue! Attach to twine with more hot glue.

Finally add letters. Some good 5-letter words for Christmas are Merry, Peace, Jolly or Cheer. Or of course add more circles and spell any word you want!

Have you made anything with lace lately? Tell us about it! 

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