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Friday, December 5, 2014

White Christmas Sisters Wreath

{Blue Glitter Wreath)

White Christmas has been one of my favorite Christmas movies for as long as I can remember. We watched it every year growing up. Then my first year in college I brought it with me after Thanksgiving break back the dorm so I could watch it with my roommate on our borrowed tiny VCR/TV combo. She’d never seen it before, and didn’t get why I loved it so much. I was shocked! How could anyone not be in love with it? 

A few years later, the first Christmas that we were married, my husband rented it for me (you know, back when you had to actually drive to a video rental place and hope they had the movie you wanted to watch in stock that night) just because he knew I’d miss watching it with my family.

Fast forward several more years and I still love the movie and have had my kids watch it with me. They get a kick out of the scene where Bing and Danny pretend to be the Haynes sisters. 
When I was recently at the craft store picking up a few things for a project I saw these blue feather-y decorations and knew in that instant I wanted to create something based on the Sisters blue costumes. I’ve recently discovered tons of people who share my love of White Christmas (thanks Instagram!) so if you’re one of them, I hope you like it.

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make one too.
FloraCraft foam wreath 12" 
White t shirt or other white fabric
Blue “feathers” of some kind
Blue Christmas balls
Rit dye (aquamarine)

Start by dying some of the lace. I heated a pot of water on the stove, added about 1/4 cup dye and about 2 TBS salt, let it dissolve and then drop in the lace. I only left it in for a few minutes because I wanted a lighter color. 

Wrap wreath form with cut up strips of the white t shirt, about 3 inches wide. 

Attach feathers to the bottom left side of the wreath using hot glue and add some of the Christmas balls in. Loop the lace through the top of the wreath and hang it up.

Are you one of my White Christmas peeps? Let me know!
Of course I have more beautiful wreaths for you here on our last day of the Holidays Made Easy.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is the most fun thing I've ever seen! Love the creativity! I have so many friends who will love this!

  2. What a beautiful wreath, and I love it even more because it's based on a favorite Christmas movie we watch every year.

  3. That's a beautiful wreath Stephanie! I've never actually seen White Christmas but I'll have to do it soon so I know what all the hype is about :)

  4. I love that movie too Steph! Your wreath is gorgeous!!

  5. OMG That wreath is stunning! Love it....Pinning & G+ sharing this because it deserves to be shared!

  6. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. Now I need to go watch that movie...It's not a tradition in my house, but it is a seasonal favorite that is for sure!

  7. Love the story behind the wreath! So cute!