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Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Yoga Mat Strap

Easy Yoga Mat Strap

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How to Make a Yoga Mat Strap  www.craftingintherain.com

I have the best intentions to create habits that support my health. Sometimes I do pretty well, and I admit to falling short at other times. I always drink enough water, but take this lovely yoga mat for example. I bought it a few months ago so I could try out the yoga class that my gym offers, but it has looked just like this the whole time I’ve owned it, wrapper and all.  

Yoga Mat Strap www.craftingintherain.com

I’m determined to change that though, and I even whipped up a cute strap so it’s easy to take to class with me.


I went to Walmart and got a fat quarter of fabric and also a bottle of Ester-C vitamin C supplement (currently on Rollback and Walmart) to provide around-the-clock immune support.* 


Ester-C® is a unique, exclusive form of Vitamin C designed to stay in your white blood cells for up to 24-hours, providing you with around-the-clock immune system support.* It’s also non-acidic and easy on the stomach.

Sew a Yoga Mat Strap  www.craftingintherain.com

To make the strap:
Cut the fat quarter into 4 equal strips. Sew the short ends together to make one long strip, using 1 inch seam allowance.
Then fold right sides together to make a skinnier strip and sew with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Also sew one end closed.
Turn the tube inside out and iron flat. Fold the raw end down inside itself and tuck the finished end inside. (Make sure the loop is not twisted anywhere.) Then sew closed. Now you have one long circular strip and you’re done!

DIY Yoga Mat Strap www.craftingintherain.com

To use it as a yoga mat carrier, wrap one end of the strap around the back of the mat and through the other end and pull up. No buckles or rings to mess with and totally custom!

What do you do to support your immune system? And is there anything I should know before jumping into yoga? 
For more ideas check out #24HourEsterC on social media.

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How to sew a yoga mat strap

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  1. That's so cute.

    This winter, our immune systems need all the help they can get!

  2. Such a smart, simple way to make a strap!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this evening that links to your tutorial:

  3. That looks so simple! Good luck with your yoga!

  4. This is so creative and something even the crafty challenged like myself could do! #client