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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Clean a White Sink

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How to clean a white sink. You don't even need to use bleach! www.craftingintherain.com

I have a couple of tricks to make a white ceramic sink shine white again by getting rid of scratch marks and hard water deposits. And you can do it without bleach! Do you have a white sink you want to make brand new again? Let’s get started.

You’ll need 

  • Cerama Bryte along with the scraper and scrub pad. You’ll find these near other stove top cleaners.

  • Gloves to protect your hands 
  • Clean washcloth
Start by putting a nickel-sized amount of Cerama Bryte on the yellow scrub pad and rubbing it on a dirty spot in the sink. You’ll notice that marks from cookie sheets or metal pans will come right off. Add more cleaner as you move to different places in the sink. 

Easily get marks off a white sink. www.craftingintherain.com

Rub around the handles and faucets too, especially where there are hard water stains. Work on the area around the drain as well.

How to clean out a sink disposal www.craftingintherain.com

Use a wet washcloth to help rinse off the sink.

Use the scraper to gently remove hard water buildup and wipe away with the washcloth. Repeat as needed.

Clean water deposits from a white sink

Shine up any chrome with the Cerama Bryte too!

What soap scent to do you love to have in your kitchen?

How to make your sink white again! www.craftingintherain.com

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  1. It looks great! When I had a white skin, I would spray it with Clorox Cleanup before I went to bed each night. I also fill it up with hot water and a cup of bleach once a week .

  2. That turned out great! Nice Job!

  3. That turned out great! Nice Job!

  4. Looks great! Will have to try this :-)

  5. Steph, great tips and I love your sink! I need to get that scrapper, I have hard water.

  6. I have a white sink and the stuff I do to get rid of stains! Thanks for sharing this :)

  7. Great tips on the sink Steph! I'm about out of soap too and love foaming soap. I will have to try this. :)

  8. Great tips! I can't wait to try the Kitchen Citrus Bliss! #client

  9. I use comet daily, but the crema looks like it's already a paste. I like the lavender scented liquid soap too. Thanks for linking up at For what it's worth-jeannie

  10. I have a sink like this and I hate how scratched and grimy looking it gets! I'm going to check out that cleaner! (Love the new Soft Soap, too!)

  11. I'm going to try this on my tub. I don't have a ceramic kitchen sink. I don't know what it is. When I get the black pot marks, I spray Clorox Clean-Up and let it sit just a few minutes. Most of the time all stains (including food stains) are gone, but if not, a gentle rub with a scotch brite pad makes them disappear. That stuff is a wonder!

  12. Can this be used on stain-less steel sinks as well?

  13. I never thought about the scraper, good idea! I used baking soda and a little water to remove marks in the sink.

  14. Love this! I have the exact sink, but mine has a white faucet that extends. My problem also is that a brownish dirt/soapscum forms under the faucet plate. Any ideas on what causes this?