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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Craft Month A-Z Week 4

We did it you guys, another full alphabet of ideas to fill up National Craft Month! You will love what everyone came up with for the last few letters. Be sure to follow the links below to get the details and tell them what a great job they did!

T is for Tee Shirt  ||  Mabey She Made It
U is for is for Upcycled Basket  ||  Tried and True 
V is for Vinyl Decorated Sweatpants  ||  Play.Party.Pin
W is for Watercolor Calendar  ||  My Craftily Ever After
X is for is for X-acto Knife-cut Jar Pump  ||  See Vanessa Craft
Y is for Yarn Wrapped Eggs  ||  Cupcakes and Crowbars
Z is for Zinnia Wreath  ||  Up to Date Interiors

Now, if you're feeling a bit of a letdown because the series is over, I do have some good news for you. There's a giveaway starting tomorrow that will include some great supplies to get your own projects started. It's my way of saying thanks for reading!

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