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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Floral Monogram

I got to share this flower letter tutorial over on Today's Creative Blog a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, you can catch all the easy instructions here today!(some links may be affiliate)

The foam letter is really easy to make and of course you can totally customize with the flowers and colors you like.

You'll need
Foam sheet (mine was 1 3/16 inch thick)
FloraCraft Styro Cutter
Smooth Finish
Paint and brush
Fake flowers

I drew my "S" on a piece of paper first then cut it out to use as a guide. Then trace the letter onto the foam. 

Use the StyroCutter to cut the letter out of the foam. The metal end heats up and melts the foam, which is less messy than cutting foam with a blade. Use gentle pressure and let the heat do the work.

Sand the letter edges lightly if desired and cover just the outside edge with Smooth Finish and let dry. Then paint any color. 

When the paint is dry, cut the flowers so there's just a bit of stem left and push into the foam, covering the front of the letter completely. And that's it! It can be set up on a shelf, or even hung by just tapping a small nail or two into the wall, then pressing the back of the foam onto it.

I want to hear what letter you'll make and what flowers you'll use!

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