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Sunday, August 30, 2015

X-Carve Machine by Inventables

Inventables sent us an X-Carve to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Remember when I posted this picture on Instagram?

And then this video?

A video posted by Stephanie (@steph_crafting_rain) on

Well, we have been working on some projects with the X-Carve. Think of it as a Cricut that can cut wood and carve it at different depths. Super cool! Tomorrow I'll be showing off our first project. But first I wanted to give you and idea of the building process that Steve went through to get it all put together and running.

This CNC machine kit is a true DIY project. He started out by building a table for the machine that we can raise it up out of the way in the garage when we're not using it. (Cable-Lifted Storage Rack) and then this is how the machine was delivered to us. So many boxes!

A photo posted by Steve Paxman (@sjpens) on

And then inside--so many parts and screws and wires and switches and ...

A photo posted by Steve Paxman (@sjpens) on

He followed along all the videos and instructions found here.
It took about 10 hours total to put it together. There was even some soldering involved! But he said it wasn't difficult- just important to follow all the instructions exactly. Plus there's a forum where there are a bunch of people willing to help out with any questions.

What's great is you know all the components of your machine. If there's a problem later, and the solution is to adjust a certain screw, you know where it is.

Let me know if you've got any questions about our new toy and like I said, be on the lookout for upcoming ideas!


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