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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Make Cricut Stickers with your Own Images

Custom stickers have never been so popular, or so easy to make, when you have your Cricut machine to help you out. Want to make your own stickers for your planner? an upcoming party? your business? Watch how easy it is to upload images to Cricut - then turn them into stickers!

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Cricut Sticker Paper
Cricut Design Space
Cricut Explore (or Explore Air)
Image you want to turn into a sticker (I used this watercolor unicorn set)

  1. In Design Space click "upload image" and browse to find the image you're using.
  2. Click around the background of the image to remove it. (It gets replaced with the checker pattern)
  3. Select "save for print then cut" option and insert into project.
  4. Resize the image if needed.
  5. I repeated those steps multiple times to get a lot of the different unicorn images.
  6. Follow prompts to print the design - make sure you put the Sticker Paper into your printer the right way. Mine has to go right side down!
  7. Position the paper on the mat and continue to follow directions by loading mat into machine and pressing cut. *Note that the printed images will be fuzzy around the edges. That makes a edge of the sticker full color when it cuts, so don't worry about it.
  8. The Cricut Explore finds the registration marks and then cuts around all the sticker designs. Unload the mat, and all your stickers are ready to use!
This is how the final stickers came out! My sticker set printed out on two sheets of sticker paper, but I combined them to one. How happy would this set make a little girl (or you!) in your life?

See how easy it is to upload images? So many possibilities for your Cricut open up when you can do that huh. What do you want to make stickers for?

If you want to watch a video tutorial of the same process, but with a different image, check out this post about uploading images to Design Space. There's a video about halfway down the post.

Image Map
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