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Monday, March 13, 2017

Make Foam Look Like Concrete

If you want the look of concrete without the mess or the weight, this is the perfect way to do it. Starting with a foam block, the perfect gray paint, and a secret ingredient, you can make a lollipop stand like I did, or a planter for some fake succulents, or whatever you want!

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foam shape
Smooth Finish
putty knife or spatula
gray paint 
optional: gold paint, or other accent color

Start by spreading a layer of Smooth Finish over the foam using a flat tool like a spatula, or a putty knife. Don't worry about getting it completely smooth - the texture and "drag marks" will make it look more like concrete later.

When it's totally dry, sand lightly. Then cover with gray paint. If found that DecoArt "Zinc" and "Dolphin" slightly mixed worked great together. 

It created some natural looking lighter and darker spots in a few places.

Let the gray paint dry completely and if you want, tape off a section or a stripe and paint it another color. I when with a metallic gold.

Then I used it to hold these fun swirled lollipops for St. Patrick's Day by pushing the sticks down into the top of the block. What would you use some faux concrete for?

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Image Map
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