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Monday, November 6, 2017

Ombre Spray Painted Glass Jars

You can make these pretty pink mason jars with spray paint!
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Do you use pink in your Christmas d├ęcor? Or for Valentine’s day? Or for every day? You’ll love these bright and versatile jars. I painted these for a fun Rust-Oleum challenge, and I’ll bet there’s a perfect spot in your house to put these too.

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint - Candy Pink and Berry Pink
Extras for decorating

Start with the light pink (Candy Pink) and paint the top half to two-thirds of the jars. Use short, light passes so that you don’t get drips. Turn the jars around so that all sides get evenly coated.

Use the dark pink (Berry Pink) to paint the bottom half of the jar, but only point the nozzle at the very bottom of the jar. The spray will give you the faded-out look towards the top of the jar. Again, use short, light sprays and turn the jars for even coverage.

Let jars dry completely.

Then you get to arrange them however you like. Put them in a window, on a mantel, on a platter, or in a long wooden box. I have mine grouped together on a gold charger with Diamond Dust (or use Epsom salt) sprinkled around so it's kind of sparkly. 

Fill with flowers, twigs, and other holiday pretties. For an even bigger impact, paint different sizes of jars and fill a whole shelf with them. 

Would you paint yours pink, or choose different colors for ombre mason jars? I’d love to hear!

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  1. it is quite difficult to have the ombre effect. lots of times when i tried it created a line that clearified the distance. this post guides well